Cloud foundry

The first thing that strikes us as we read the title. ‘Seriously, one more cloud technology in the market!!’ Don’t worry this is in the market to ease your work on the cloud, and concentrate more on your development work. How happy are developers now? 😛
How does this manage cloud on your behalf?

As a developer, once you develop your application, the next step would be – server configurations and deployment. Of course, scaling them can’t be forgotten. Cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and other clouds did make this easier and beneficial. But, with the overwhelming services provided by the cloud, it is difficult for developers to cope up with them alongside their coding skills. This is what cloud foundry provides us with, a Platform as a Service.

Using Cloud foundry you can just deploy your application on to the cloud, using a simple configuration file, most of them use YAML file. And, this even manages the application and web server configuration for you. Of Course, it does scale your application. How awesome it is?

So, the only thing that you do is to develop and build your application.

Life’s just good for developers now 🙂